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How to Block Spam Emails in Microsoft Outlook

While using Microsoft outlook, email service users receive unwanted emails which are very annoying, frustrating and at worst, malicious! Most of these unsolicited emails are from advertising companies, which either promise to make us productive quickly or offer us the liberty to work from home. No matter what their real intention and motive are, but we always considered those emails as ‘Spam email' and we do delete them immediately. Spam Email is an email that is unwanted by the receiver. It is usually sent in mass quantities to users and contains either unwanted advertising, viruses, spam, malware, phishing websites, or other potentially harmful information. It’s important that all users understand how to control junk and spam email to keep their account and computer safe. In this article, I'm sharing some easy ways to, how to use Microsoft Outlook’s features to prevent spam and junk emails.

The filter for junk and spam emails in Outlook is always turned on by default, and the protection level is “Low” in the settings. These settings and spam filters are designed to prevent only the most obvious junk e-mail messages. You can make the screen more aggressive, but if you do it may catch legitimate messages sometimes. So it’s essential to use the settings and features available to customize your email account. To block junk e-mail, you must first open the folder to filter for junk e-mail.

Setting up your spam filters in Microsoft Outlook is an essential step and ways to protect your device from spyware and malicious files, viruses, and other infections. Microsoft Outlook provides a default spam filters in the settings that allow you to choose the email through which you are getting spam and unwanted emails. If you wish to receive the only email from senders in your contacts or safe lists, you must edit the junk level in the junk email filtering options. Also, you can even set up the junk folder for the particular email address and delete them permanently.

5 Easy steps to block spam emails in Microsoft outlook

  • To block spam email first open the Microsoft Outlook and go the toolbar menu which is located at the top of outlook interface.
  • Click on the "Option" from the drop-down list and select the junk and spam email dialog box that appears on your homepage.
  • Click on "Spam Mail" on the "Options" tab. Choose "Low to High" option to instruct Microsoft Outlook to remove all junk and spam mail to the Junk email folder. If you wish to receive only one email from the recipients in your Safe Senders or Safe Recipients lists, then you can click on "Safe Lists Only." Be advised that if a contact is not on any listed, you will not receive any email from the recipient list.
  • Click on the box labeled " permanently delete" and place a checkmark on that table so the spam email will be deleted permanently instead of moving it to the junk folder. Now, give a command to Outlook to perform the actions to block and delete all email from the inbox and junk folder.
  • Click on "Apply" option and then select "OK" to close the Options dialog box. After performing all these steps spam filters will be enabled, and you will no longer receive any junk and spam email in your Inbox.

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